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Researching travel insurance online can become a stressful and frustrating task without knowing where to look. With so many recommendations, reviews, and websites, it could take a long time to go through it all. Regardless as to whether you spend a few months or a few minutes, the primary goal is to find the most appropriate travel insurance plan for you and your family.

There are many types of travel insurance available online today. As a globally recognized leader in the international travel health insurance market, HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC offers a robust line of worldwide insurance products from short-term holiday travel insurance to long-term health insurance for expatriates living overseas for many years.

International Plans

Atlas Travel Series

Atlas Travel Medical Insurance

Short-term health insurance for individuals traveling outside their home country

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Atlas Group

Atlas Travel Group Medical Insurance

Short-term international health insurance for 5 or more traveling abroad

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Atlas Professional

Atlas Professional Multi-trip Travel Insurance

International health coverage for executives taking multiple trips throughout the year

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StudentSecure® International Student Health Insurance

Worldwide health coverage for students pursuing their education abroad

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CitizenSecure® International Health Insurance

International major-medical and term life insurance for individuals and families

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CitizenSecure Economy

CitizenSecure® Economy Long-term International Insurance

Affordable international medical and term life insurance for individuals and families

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GroupSecure® Worldwide Group Insurance

An international medical plan for 3 or more employees working abroad

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Domestic Plans

Short-Term Medical

HCC Life Short Term Medical Insurance

Short-term temporary health insurance for individuals living in the US

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Still not sure which plan is right for you? Check out our plan selector where we will ask you a series of questions to help you determine if we have the right plan for you.

Online Travel Insurance Quotes – Compare Prices, Benefit Options & Coverage Limits

Our online travel insurance quotes are presented through web-based applications designed to most efficiently present the important travel insurance plan information as well as pricing and benefit options available for the plan you choose in order for you to make the best choice. While the cost of insurance may be important to some, it is not always the most important factor in finding the most suitable travel insurance plan. Be sure the level of coverage, deductible, and benefit limits will provide the insurance protection you and your family need.

Car Accident - International
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Here are some other questions to consider that might help you decide the right level of coverage:

  • What are the travel insurance requirements for my visa?
  • What are the travel insurance requirements in the countries I plan to visit?
  • What sort of travel assistance comes with the plan?
  • How long can I get coverage?
  • How quickly can I get coverage?
  • What sort of emergency coverage does the plan have?

Don't forget, the most appropriate travel insurance plan is the one that best fits your needs!

Online Travel Insurance Quotes - International Travel Insurance Comparison

  The Atlas Series /
Atlas Group Travel*
Atlas Professional StudentSecure®
  International America    
This plan is appropriate if you need... Medical coverage outside your home country (not including the US) for a relatively short term basis
Medical coverage outside your home country, including the US, for a relatively short term basis (non-US citizens only) Medical coverage for multiple trips abroad throughout the year Medical coverage for students and scholars who are studying abroad
Available Brochures Download Atlas Series Brochure Download Atlas Group Brochure Download Atlas Professional Brochure Download StudentSecure® Brochure
How long can I keep this? 5 days to 365 days, with the option to extend or renew coverage for two additional certificate periods 5 days to 364 days Annual plan for 364 days, each trip to last no more than 30 days Initial purchase up to 364 days and renewable with continued eligibility
What's the maximum coverage amount available? $50,000 - $1,000,000 per Certificate Period ($10,000 for age 80+) $1,000,000 per Certificate Period $300,000 Participant - Select Plan
$250,000 Participant - Budget Plan
$200,000 Smart
What's the deductible? $0 - $2,500 per Certificate Period $250 per trip, per person $100 per Injury or Illness
Are there optional benefits available? NO YES
  • Terrorism Rider

*Atlas Group Travel requires a minimum of 5 members

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10 Online Travel Insurance & Travel Tips to Use as a Guide
  1. Check to see if the country you are visiting has any specific visitor's medical insurance requirements.
  2. Put together a list of your current medical conditions, prescriptions you are taking, and any pertinent allergies or known drug interactions.
  3. Be sure to shop around and look at different insurance policy options.
  4. Read the fine print and make sure you understand what each plan covers and what it doesn't.
  5. Look at the deductible options, copays, coinsurance and policy limits to see what you need and what you can afford.
  6. Always have your identification and passport with you, no matter where you are going throughout the day.
  7. Wear jackets and accessories that are easy to remove when going through metal detectors and security at airports.
  8. Do not wear jewelry and watches; they set off the metal detectors and attract thieves.
  9. Wear shoes you can easily slip off and on.
  10. Get a passport protector that hangs from your neck so you don't have to keep digging it out of your bag and so you can keep an eye on it and prevent it from being stolen while at the airport or tourist spots.

10 Online Travel Insurance & Travel Tips to Use as a Guide

10 Online Travel Insurance & Travel Tips to Use as a Guide

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Mugging Injury - International
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* The claims examples provided above are based on actual international health insurance claims handled by HCCMIS. Coverage for similar international health insurance claims is not to be inferred from the above examples, as all claims are determined to be eligible/ineligible based on the applicable international health insurance policy and the facts and circumstances of each claim.

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